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We are a small grooming facility located inside the Route 516 Animal Hospital. Most of our grooms take about 2 hours, for small to medium sized pets.  Multiple pets, as well as pets that are excessively knotted will require more time. Time for large dogs will be determined at drop off. 


Our hours are by appointment, and are staggered throughout the day to ensure quick and proficient grooms. Clients that are more then 15 minutes late may be required to reschedule at the discretion of the groomer. 


Pickup of Pets is expected within half an hour of the pet being finished, unless other arrangements are made at the time your appointment is made.

We pride ourselves in being a comfort care facility. What this means is we will not cause a dog or cat needless pain by de-matting. Haircuts and styles are discussed at dropoff to ensure proper instruction, and our experienced groomers will discuss any need for shorter haircuts.  


Our groomers are fully trained with several years of experience each.


Pickups after closing will be charged a $25 per 15 min late. 

**We do not administer tranquilizers to your pets, but will suggest getting one from a vet for you to administer prior to the groom, for your pets safety, if needed. For those pets that  require sedation we work with the Animal Hospital to ensure the safety of both groomer and pet. Sedate grooms do require prior appointments with the hospital and possible bloodwork. Please call for details if you think your pet will need to be sedated. 



We ask that you please make sure that your pets do their business before drop off, to ensure a timely groom.

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